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Dieting Diet - Your social weight loss and dieting site. Dieting Diet has just been soft released to the public. We have high hopes for what this Diet and Weight Loss site can become. It currently allows its users to follow a range of their favourite diets and tracks their progress over time. Each week a user has to weigh in and complete a milestone towards the completion of their diet. Progress is graphed against expected outcomes and shows if the user is on track to meet their target weight. This allows the user to focus on where they currently are in regards to where they should be at the current stage of their diet.

Head over to Dieting Diet now and signup.

Music Review Zone brings all the latest, new music news to its rapidly growing readership. Started 15th January 2008, the site has been pumping out opinionated articles on celebrity misdeeds, quotes, clangers, music, fighting - and the readers are just as strong minded in their comments! Drop by, jump in and leave a comment to.


We have a number of secret, exciting projects simmering at the moment. More details on these will be released in due course.

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